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Early Adopters and Fast Followers

As part of the implementation phase, the DSpace@Cambridge project team have reached agreement with a number of 'Early Adopter' communities who are willing to submit test collections for the repository. Together they represent a cross-section of academic activities and offer a variety of file formats. Those who are already actively contributing, or have agreed to provide, material are:

Cambridge University Library
CamRAD (Cambridge Rock Art Database)
CARET (Centre for Applied Research in Education Technology)
Chemistry - Unilever Centre for Molecular Informatics
CRASSH (Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities)
CUMIS (Cambridge University Moving Image Studio)
Economics - Dept of Applied Economics
Fitzwilliam Museum
Dept of Social Anthropology

By the end of Phase II (December 2004) the material submitted by these communities exceeded 10,000 items.

In 2005, Phase III will see the number of active communities expand to include 'Fast Followers' identified during a University-wide survey in August 2004, adding a broader range both of subjects and of file types to those already present. The project team will explore how the repository can also support core University activities such as electronic theses and dissertations and administrative records. Phase III will also see the project develop its business plan, leading to the launch of DSpace@Cambridge as a sustainable repository service.

Members of the University interested in using or learning more about the repository are welcome to contact the Project Director, Peter Morgan (email: pbm2@cam.ac.uk; tel: Univ.ext.33130).

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