The aim of this project is to foster discussion and to collaboratively develop national strategies and infrastructure for digital repositories in the UK. Furthermore it is hoped that the series will assist in the development of individual institutional level planning for implementation of digital repositories. These aims will be served through a series of seminars and other activities offered through the National Competitiveness Network to institutions in the United Kingdom utilizing the knowledge gained at Cambridge University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) during the implementation of DSpace.


The primary objectives of this project are to:

  • Provide the necessary framework to develop individual business plans to implement a digital repository in each seminar participant's respective organisation.
  • Inform digital repository strategies nationally and leverage the leading edge work in digital preservation in the UK.
  • Promulgate best practices in the areas of digital asset management and digital preservation standards.
  • Provide the foundation for the implementation of digital repositories in the UK, designed to give open access to the collective intellectual resources, such as research output (e.g. pre-prints, datasets, images, video and audio files), learning materials and other digital resources as may be developed by the nation’s universities and cultural heritage institutions.


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