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DSpace@Cambridge Project Team

At Cambridge

Project Director: Peter Morgan <pbm2 at cam.ac.uk>

UNIX System Programmer/Administrator: Tom De Mulder <tdm27 at cam.ac.uk>

DSpace Development Programmer: Jim Downing <ojd20 at cam.ac.uk>

Project Administrator: Anna Massiou <am397 at cam.ac.uk>

Business Analysts:

Apto Consulting Ltd.

Lucio Cicolecchia <l.cicolecchia at aptoconsulting.com>



Oliver Hill <o.hill at aptoconsulting.com>

Project Advisor: Anne Murray (Deputy Librarian, CUL)

Project Leader: Peter Fox (University Librarian, CUL)


Project Liaison: Julie Walker<jhwalker at mit.edu>

Technical Support: Larry Stone<lcs at mit.edu>

DSpace Programmer: Grace Carpenter<gcarpent at mit.edu>

DSpace Technical Analyst: William Reilly<wreilly at mit.edu>

Administrative Assistant: Leigh Curley <lcurley at mit.edu>

Project Advisor: MacKenzie Smith (Associate Director for Technology/DSpace Project Director, MIT Libraries)

Project Leader: Ann Wolpert (Director, MIT Libraries)

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