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On 1 July 2006 DSpace@Cambridge became a strategic service to the University of Cambridge, managed jointly by Cambridge University Library and the University Computing Service. From the autumn of 2007 a service team has been established with a mandate to support the service and facilitate submission of digital material to DSpace@Cambridge. A new web site is currently under development and will be available shortly.

For more information on DSpace@Cambridge, please contact Elin Stangeland or Tom De Mulder.

The DSpace@Cambridge Project has the objective of developing an institutional repository that will preserve and disseminate digital materials created by or associated with the University of Cambridge. It utilises DSpace™, an open source digital repository software platform developed jointly by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Libraries and Hewlett-Packard Laboratories.

There are three principal websites associated with this project:

• You are currently viewing the DSpace@Cambridge project website. This contains background information about the project, a three-year collaboration between Cambridge University Library, Cambridge University Computing Service, and MIT Libraries, funded by a grant from the Cambridge-MIT Institute.

• The project has set up the DSpace@Cambridge repository, where you can search the content submitted by the growing number of communities using DSpace@Cambridge.

• There is also the DSpace Federation website where you will find both general and technical information about the DSpace software platform.

In parallel with DSpace@Cambridge the Cambridge-MIT Institute has also funded a complementary project, LEADIRS, to promote strategic planning for institutional repositories in the UK higher and further education sector.


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