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    • BET protein inhibition shows efficacy against JAK2V617F driven neoplasms 

      Wyspiańska, BS; Bannister, Andrew John; Barbieri, Isaia; Nangalia, Jyoti; Godfrey, Anna Louise; Calero-Nieto, Fernando Jose; Robson, Samuel Charles et al. (2013-09-06)
      Small molecule inhibition of the BET family of proteins, which bind acetylated lysines within histones, has been shown to have a marked therapeutic benefit in pre-clinical models of MLL-fusion protein driven leukemias. ...
    • Citrullination regulates pluripotency and histone H1 binding to chromatin 

      Christophorou, Maria A; Castelo-Branco, Gonçalo; Halley-Stott, Richard P; Oliveira, Clara Slade; Loos, Remco; Radzisheuskaya, Aliaksandra; Mowen, Kerri A et al. (2014-01-26)
      Citrullination is the post-translational conversion of an arginine residue within a protein to the non-coded amino acid citrulline. This modification leads to the loss of a positive charge and reduction in hydrogen-bonding ...
    • Differential expression of selected histone modifier genes in human solid cancers 

      Ozdag, Hilal; Teschendorff, Andrew E; Ahmed, Ahmed A; Hyland, Sarah J; Blenkiron, Cherie; Bobrow, Linda; Veerakumarasivam, Abhi et al. (2006-04-25)
    • Histone H3 lysine 4 methylation is associated with the transcriptional reprogramming efficiency of somatic nuclei by oocytes 

      Murata, Kazutaka; Kouzarides, Tony; Bannister, Andrew John; Gurdon, John (2010-02-04)