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    • Investigating the molecular mechanisms of the metabolic syndrome 

      Morris, Tiffany J (2010-11-16)
      This thesis aims to highlight molecular mechanisms that have been altered by prenatal undernutrition and may be involved in the metabolic syndrome. Two sepa- rate studies were conducted both using a rat model developed ...
    • Non-CG DNA methylation is a biomarker for assessing endodermal differentiation capacity in pluripotent stem cells 

      Butcher, Lee M; Ito, Mitsuteru; Brimpari, Minodora; Morris, Tiffany J; Soares, Filipa AC; Ährlund-Richter, Lars; Carey, Nessa et al. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-01-29)
      Non-CG methylation is an unexplored epigenetic hallmark of pluripotent stem cells. Here we report that a reduction in non-CG methylation is associated with impaired differentiation capacity into endodermal lineages. ...