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    • Assessing interactions between the associations of common genetic susceptibility variants, reproductive history and body mass index with breast cancer risk in the Breast Cancer Association Consortium: a combined case-control study 

      Milne, Roger L.; Gaudet, Mia M.; Spurdle, Amanda B.; Fasching, Peter A.; Couch, Fergus J.; Benitez, Javier; Arias Perez, Jose Ignacio et al. (2010-12-31)
      Abstract Introduction Several common breast cancer genetic susceptibility variants have recently been identified. We aimed to determine how these variants combine with a subset of other known risk factors to influence ...
    • Seq4SNPs: new software for retrieval of multiple, accurately annotated DNA sequences ready formatted for SNP assay design. 

      Field, Helen I.; Scollen, Serena A.; Luccarini, Craig; Baynes, Caroline; Morrison, Jonathan; Dunning, Alison M.; Easton, Douglas F. et al. (2009-06-12)
      Abstract Background In moderate-throughput SNP genotyping there was a gap in the workflow, between choosing a set of SNPs and submitting their sequences to proprietary assay design software, which was not met by existing ...