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    • Developing the PAGE2002 Model with Endogenous Technical Change 

      Alberth, Stephan; Hope, Chris (Faculty of Economics, 2006-04)
      Presented research demonstrates the inclusion of endogenous technical change into the PAGE2002 integrated assessment model of climate change. The ‘experience curve’ or learning-by-doing concept, made popular by the ...
    • Forecasting technology costs via the Learning Curve - Myth or Magic? 

      Alberth, Stephan (Faculty of Economics, 2007-02)
      To further our understanding of the effectiveness of learning or experience curves to forecast technology costs, a statistical analysis using historical data has been carried out. Three hypotheses have been tested using ...
    • Policy Implications of Stochastic Learning Using a Modified PAGE2002 Model 

      Alberth, Stephan; Hope, Chris (Faculty of Economics, 2006-04)
      We consider the importance of Endogenous Technical Change (ETC) on the risk profiles for different abatement strategies using the PAGE2002 model with ETC. Three outcomes from this modelling research have significant impacts ...