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    • Homozygosity and risk of childhood death due to invasive bacterial disease 

      Lyons, Emily J; Amos, William; Berkley, James A; Mwangi, Isaiah; Shafi, Mohammed; Williams, Thomas N; Newton, Charles R et al. (2009-06-12)
      Abstract Background Genetic heterozygosity is increasingly being shown to be a key predictor of fitness in natural populations, both through inbreeding depression, inbred individuals having low heterozygosity, and also ...
    • Rat eradication comes within a whisker! A case study of a failed project from the South Pacific 

      Amos, William; Nichols, HJ; Churchyard, T; Brooke, Michael de (Royal Society Publishing, 2016)
      To enhance their conservation value, several hundred islands worldwide have been cleared of invasive alien rats Rattus spp. One of the largest projects yet undertaken was on 43 km^2 Henderson Island in the Pitcairn group, ...