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    • Unsupervised data-driven stratification of mentalizing heterogeneity in autism 

      Lombardo, Michael V.; Lai, Meng-Chuan; Auyeung, Bonnie; Holt, Rosemary J.; Allison, Carrie; Smith, Paula; Chakrabarti, Bhismadev et al. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-10-18)
      Individuals affected by autism spectrum conditions (ASC) are considerably heterogeneous. Novel approaches are needed to parse this heterogeneity to enhance precision in clinical and translational research. Applying a ...
    • Validation of existing diagnosis of autism in mainland China using standardised diagnositc instruments 

      Sun, Xiang; Allison, Carrie; Auyeung, Bonnie; Zhixiang, Zhang; Matthews, Fiona E.; Baron-Cohen, Simon; Brayne, Carol (SAGE, 2015-03-10)
      Research to date in mainland China has mainly focused on children with autistic disorder rather than Autism Spectrum Conditions and the diagnosis largely depended on clinical judgment without the use of diagnostic instruments. ...
    • Variation in the autism candidate gene GABRB3 modulates tactile sensitivity in typically developing children 

      Tavassoli, Teresa; Auyeung, Bonnie; Murphy, Laura C; Baron-Cohen, Simon; Chakrabarti, Bhismadev (2012-07-06)
      AbstractBackgroundAutism spectrum conditions have a strong genetic component. Atypical sensory sensitivities are one of the core but neglected features of autism spectrum conditions. GABRB3 is a well-characterised candidate ...