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    • Common polymorphism in H19 associated with birthweight and cord blood IGF-II levels in humans 

      Petry, Clive John; Ong, Ken; Barratt, Bryan J; Wingate, Diane; Cordell, Heather J; Ring, Susan M; Pembrey, Marcus E et al. (2005-05-10)
      Background Common genetic variation at genes that are imprinted and exclusively maternally expressed could explain the apparent maternal-specific inheritance of low birthweight reported in large family pedigrees. We ...
    • Development of an integrated genome informatics, data management and workflow infrastructure: A toolbox for the study of complex disease genetics 

      Burren, Oliver S; Healy, Barry C; Lam, Alex C; Schuilenburg, Helen; Dolman, Geoffrey E; Everett, Vincent H; Laneri, Davide et al. (2004-01-01)
      Abstract The genetic dissection of complex disease remains a significant challenge. Sample-tracking and the recording, processing and storage of high-throughput laboratory data with public domain data, require integration ...