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    • Characterization of voltage-gated ionic currents in a peripheral sensory neuron in larval Drosophila 

      Nair, Amit; Bate, Michael; Pulver, Stefan R (2010-06-02)
      Abstract Background The development, morphology and genetics of sensory neurons have been extensively studied in Drosophila. Sensory neurons in the body wall of larval Drosophila in particular have been the subject of ...
    • Imaging fictive locomotor patterns in larval Drosophila 

      Pulver, Stefan R.; Bayley, Timothy G.; Taylor, Adam L.; Berni, Jimena; Bate, Michael; Hedwig, Berthold (American Physiological Society, 2015-08-26)
      We have established a preparation in larval Drosophila to monitor fictive locomotion simultaneously across abdominal and thoracic segments of the isolated CNS using genetically encoded Ca2+ indicators. The Ca2+ signals ...
    • Interview of Michael Bate 

      Bate, Michael (2008-11-28)
      An interview with the biologist Michael Bate of the University of Cambridge on his life and times