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    • MicroRNA expression profiling of human breast cancer identifies new markers of tumour subtype 

      Blenkiron, Cherie; Goldstein, Leonard David; Thorne, Natalie P; Spiteri, Inmaculada; Chin, Suet Feung; Dunning, Mark James; Barbosa-Morais, Nuno Luis et al. (2007-10-08)
      Abstract Background MicroRNAs (miRNAs), a class of short non-coding RNAs found in many plants and animals, often act post-transcriptionally to inhibit gene expression. Results Here we report the analysis of miRNA expression ...
    • PMC42, a breast progenitor cancer cell line, has normal-like mRNA and miRNA transcriptomes 

      Git, Anna; Spiteri, Inmaculada; Blenkiron, Cherie; Dunning, Mark James; Pole, Jessica CM; Chin, Suet Feung; Wang, Yanzhong et al. (2008-06-27)
      Abstract Introduction The use of cultured cell lines as model systems for normal tissue is limited by the molecular alterations accompanying the immortalisation process, including changes in the mRNA and microRNA (miRNA) ...