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    • High resolution melting for mutation scanning of TP53 exons 5-8 

      Krypuy, Michael; Ahmed, Ahmed A; Etemadmoghadam, Dariush; Hyland, Sarah J; Australian, Ovarian Cancer Study Group; Brenton, James Derek; Fox, Stephen B et al. (2007-08-31)
      Abstract Background p53 is commonly inactivated by mutations in the DNA-binding domain in a wide range of cancers. As mutant p53 often influences response to therapy, effective and rapid methods to scan for mutations in ...
    • MyD88 and TLR4 Expression in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer. 

      Block, Matthew S; Vierkant, Robert A; Rambau, Peter F; Winham, Stacey J; Wagner, Philipp; Traficante, Nadia; Tołoczko, Aleksandra et al. (Mayo Medical Ventures, 2018-03)
      Objective: To evaluate myeloid differentiation primary response gene eighty-eight (MyD88) and toll like receptor 4 (TLR4) expression in relation to clinical features of EOC, histologic subtypes and overall survival. Patients ...