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    • Friendships and Family Support Reduce Subsequent Depressive Symptoms in At-Risk Adolescents 

      van Harmelen, Anne-Laura; Gibson, Jenny L.; St Clair, Michelle; Owens, Matt; Brodbeck, Jeannette; Dunn, Valerie; Lewis, Gemma et al. (PLOS, 2016-05-04)
      Background Early life stress (ELS) consists of child family adversities (CFA: negative experiences that happened within the family environment) and/or peer bullying. ELS plays an important role in the development of ...
    • General and Specific Components of Depression and Anxiety in an Adolescent Population 

      Brodbeck, Jeannette; Abbott, Rosemary A.; Goodyer, Ian M.; Croudace, Tim J. (2011-12-07)
      Abstract Background Depressive and anxiety symptoms often co-occur resulting in a debate about common and distinct features of depression and anxiety. Methods An exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and a bifactor modelling ...