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    • Sequencing and association analysis of the type 1 diabetes - linked region on chromosome 10p12-q11. 

      Nejentsev, Sergey; Smink, Luc J.; Smyth, Deborah J.; Bailey, Rebecca; Lowe, Christopher E.; Payne, Felicity; Masters, Jennifer et al. (2007-05-17)
      Abstract Background In an effort to locate susceptibility genes for type 1 diabetes (T1D) several genome-wide linkage scans have been undertaken. A chromosomal region designated IDDM10 retained genome-wide significance in ...
    • Statistical Colocalization of Genetic Risk Variants for Related Autoimmune Diseases in the Context of Common Controls 

      Fortune, Mary D.; Guo, Hui; Burren, Oliver; Schofield, Ellen; Walker, Neil M.; Ban, Maria; Sawcer, Stephen J. et al. (NPJ, 2015)
      Determining whether potential causal variants for related diseases are shared can identify overlapping etiologies of multifactorial disorders. Colocalization methods disentangle shared and distinct causal variants. However, ...