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    • Genome bioinformatic analysis of nonsynonymous SNPs 

      Burke, David Francis; Worth, Catherine L; Priego, Eva-Maria; Cheng, Tammy; Smink, Luc J; Todd, John Andrew; Blundell, Tom Leon (2007-08-20)
      Background: Genome-wide association studies of common diseases for common, low penetrance causal variants are underway. A proportion of these will alter protein sequences, the most common of which is the non-synonymous ...
    • Structural assembly of two-domain proteins by rigid-body docking 

      Cheng, Tammy; Blundell, Tom Leon; Fernandez-Recio, Juan (2008-10-16)
      Abstract Background Modelling proteins with multiple domains is one of the central challenges in Structural Biology. Although homology modelling has successfully been applied for prediction of protein structures, very often ...