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    • On the Determinacy of Monetary Policy under Exceptional Errors 

      Chadha, Jagjit S.; Corrado, Luisa (Faculty of Economics, 2007-05)
      Forward looking agents with expectational errors provide a problem for monetary policy. We show that under such conditions a standard interest rate rule may not achieve determinacy. We suggest a modification to the standard ...
    • Persistent Habits, optimal Monetary Policy Inertia and Interest Rate Smoothing 

      Corrado, Luisa; Holly, Sean; Raissi, Mehdi (Faculty of Economics, 2012-10-29)
      Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models featuring imperfect competition and nominal rigidities have become central for the analysis of the monetary transmission mechanism and for understanding the conduct of monetary ...
    • Reconnecting Money to Inflation: The Role of the External Finance Premium 

      Chadha, Jagjit S.; Corrado, Luisa; Holly, Sean (Faculty of Economics, 2008-10)
    • Tests for Convergence Clubs 

      Corrado, Luisa; Weeks, Melvyn (Faculty of Economics, 2011-01-26)
      In many applications common in testing for convergence the number of cross-sectional units is large and the number of time periods are few. In these situations tests which are founded upon an omnibus null hypothesis are ...