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    • Reliable ligh-speed Grid data delivery using IP multicast 

      Jeacle, Karl; Crowcroft, Jon (2008-06-26)
      In recent years, much work has been done on attempting to scale multicast data transmissions to hundreds or thousands of receivers. In today's Grid environments, however, a typical application might involve bulk data ...
    • Research data supporting "From photons to big-data applications: terminating terabits" 

      Zilberman, Noa; Moore, Andrew W.; Crowcroft, Jon (University of Cambridge, 2015-08-28)
    • Resolving data center power bill disputes: the energy-performance trade-offs of consolidation 

      Chatzipapas, Angelos; Pediaditakis, Dimosthenis; Rotsos, Charalampos; Mancuso, Vincenzo; Crowcroft, Jon; Moore, Andrew W. (2015-06-09)
      In this paper we challenge the common evaluation practices used for Virtual Machine (VM) consolidation, such as simulation and small testbeds, which fail to capture the fundamental trade-off between energy consumption and ...
    • SCANDEX: Service Centric Networking for Challenged Decentralised Networks 

      Sathiaseelan, Arjuna; Wang, Liang; Aucinas, Andrius; Tyson, Gareth; Crowcroft, Jon (Association for Computing Machinery, 2015-05-18)
      Do-It-Yourself (DIY) networks are decentralised networks built by an (often) amateur community. As DIY networks do not rely on the need for backhaul Internet connectivity, these networks are mostly a mix of both offine and ...
    • Social network support for data delivery infrastructures 

      Sastry, Nishanth Ramakrishna (2011-10-11)
      Network infrastructures often need to stage content so that it is accessible to consumers. The standard solution, deploying the content on a centralised server, can be inadequate in several situations. Our thesis is ...
    • Wild Interdisciplinarity: Ethnography and Computer Science 

      Goulden, Murray; Greiffenhagen, Christian; Crowcroft, Jon; McAuley, Derek; Mortier, Richard; Radenkovic, Milena; Sathiaseelan, Arjuna (Taylor & Francis, 2016)
      Drawing on the experiences of a novel collaborative project between sociologists and computer scientists, this paper identifies a set of challenges for fieldwork that are generated by this wild interdisciplinarity. Public ...