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    • Case Study: SWORD implementation in the SPECTRa chemistry data submission tool 

      Downing, Jim (2008-06-16)
      Informed by our experiences with existing remote deposit interfaces for the DSpace Institutional Repository software, we have implemented the SWORD (Simple Web service Offering Repository Deposit) AtomPub (Atom Publishing ...
    • Chem# - Semantically Enriched Linked Open Chemical Data 

      Adams, Sam; Murray-Rust, Peter; Brooks, Brian; Downing, Jim; Day, Nick (Murray-Rust group, Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, 2011-07-05)
      The problem: Vast quantities of chemical data (e.g. crystal structures, NMR spectra, experimental reports) are generated every day. The majority of this data is never published, and the data that is published is ...
    • Chemistry in DSpace 

      Downing, Jim (2006-04-20)
      This presentation is an overview of the SPECTRa project that was delivered at the DSpace User Group meeting in Bergen in April 2006. The need for Open Data is described, as is the particular problems that exist for Open ...
    • CrystalEye - From Desktop to Data Repository 

      Downing, Jim; Day, Nicholas E; Murray-Rust, Peter (2008-04-11)
      CrystalEye is a public data system consisting of processed open crystallographic data. It's development and evolution has some lessons for the development of other data repositories.
    • DSpace Update 

      Downing, Jim (2006-10-19)
      The presentation covers some key facts about the state of the DSpace software and community in October 2006. On the software side 1.4 has been release, 1.4.1 is coming soon and some potential features of 1.5 are ...
    • Embedding Metadata and Other Semantics In Word-Processing Documents 

      Sefton, Peter; Barnes, Ian; Ward, Ron; Downing, Jim (2008-12-08)
      This paper describes a technique for embedding document metadata, and potentially other semantic references inline in word processing documents, which the authors have implemented with the help of a software development ...
    • Extracting and re-using research data from chemistry e-theses: the SPECTRa-T project 

      Morgan, Peter; Downing, Jim; Murray-Rust, Peter; Stewart, Diana; Tonge, Alan; Townsend, Joseph A; Harvey, Matt et al. (11th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations, 2008-06)
      Scientific e-theses are data-rich resources, but much of the information they contain is not readily accessible. For chemistry, the SPECTRa-T project has addressed this problem by developing data-mining techniques to ...
    • An Introduction to SPECTRa 

      Downing, Jim (2006-10)
      SPECTRa is delivering tools that enable chemists to prepare and submit Open Data into DSpace Institutional Repositories
    • The semantic architecture of the World-Wide Molecular Matrix (WWMM) 

      Murray-Rust, Peter; Adams, Sam; Downing, Jim; Townsend, Joseph A; Zhang, YY (2011-07-04)
    • The SPECTRa Project: A Wider Chemistry View 

      Downing, Jim; Tonge, Alan (University of Cambridge, 2006-10-20)
      The SPECTRa project is a collaboration between Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge investigating needs, attitudes and solutions to depositing chemistry data in institutional digital repositories. Because ...
    • The semantic architecture of the World-Wide Molecular Matrix (WWMM) 

      Murray-Rust, Peter; Adams, Sam E.; Downing, Jim; Townsend, Joe A.; Zhang, Yong (2011-10-14)
      Abstract The World-Wide Molecular Matrix (WWMM) is a ten year project to create a peer-to-peer (P2P) system for the publication and collection of chemical objects, including over 250, 000 molecules. It has now been ...
    • Towards Lensfield: data management, processing and semantic publication for vernacular e-science 

      Downing, Jim; Day, Nick; Murray-Rust, Peter; Hawizy, Lezan; Adams, Nico (2009-12)
    • University of Cambridge and MIT: Exploring Strategies for Digital Preservation for DSpace@Cambridge 

      Downing, Jim; Carpenter, Grace (2005-07-07)
      Cambridge University Library and MIT Libraries submit this proposal to share the outcomes of the digital preservation research work conducted through the DSpace@Cambridge project, concentrating on two main areas: Process ...
    • University of Wisconsin: NSpace: Exploring Architectural Design Principles for a Next-Generation Institutional Repository 

      Simpson, Mike; Downing, Jim (2005-07-07)
      This presentation is intended to serve as a gentle but complete introduction to the architectural design elements of NSpace, a proof-of-concept prototype that explores an application infrastructure for a next-generation ...
    • Web Feeds and Repositories 

      Downing, Jim (2008-12-09)
      Web feeds are an important way of adding value to repository resources. This presentation introduces web feeds, shows some examples of what it's possible to publish and consume, and some technical details of using conditional ...
    • World Wide Web Molecular Matrix (WWWMM) supporting software 

      Downing, Jim (2005-08-22)
      These scripts were used to correlate input from the World Wide Web Molecular Matrix, extract metadata from CML and to assemble the files into packages ready for import into DSpace 1.2