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    • Genetic fine mapping and genomic annotation defines causal mechanisms at type 2 diabetes susceptibility loci. 

      Gaulton, Kyle J; Ferreira, Teresa; Lee, Yeji; Raimondo, Anne; Mägi, Reedik; Reschen, Michael E; Mahajan, Anubha et al. (2015-12)
    • A genome annotation-driven approach to cloning the human ORFeome 

      Collins, John E; Wright, Charmain L; Edwards, Carol Ann; Davis, Mathew P; Grinham, James A; Cole, Charlotte G; Goward, Melanie E et al. (2004-09-30)
      Abstract We have developed a systematic approach to generating cDNA clones containing full-length open reading frames (ORFs), exploiting knowledge of gene structure from genomic sequence. Each ORF was amplified by PCR from ...
    • High-throughput analysis of candidate imprinted genes and allele-specific gene expression in the human term placenta 

      Daelemans, Caroline; Ritchie, Matthew E; Smits, Guillaume; Abu-Amero, Sayeda; Sudbery, Ian M; Forrest, Matthew S; Campino, Susana et al. (2010-04-19)
      Abstract Background Imprinted genes show expression from one parental allele only and are important for development and behaviour. This extreme mode of allelic imbalance has been described for approximately 56 human genes. ...
    • The Human Cell Atlas. 

      Regev, Aviv; Teichmann, Sarah A; Lander, Eric S; Amit, Ido; Benoist, Christophe; Birney, Ewan; Bodenmiller, Bernd et al. (2017-12-05)
    • Large-scale identification of microRNA targets in murine Dgcr8-deficient embryonic stem cell lines. 

      Davis, Matthew PA; Abreu-Goodger, Cei; van Dongen, Stijn; Lu, Dong; Tate, Peri H; Bartonicek, Nenad; Kutter, Claudia et al. (2012-01)
    • MiR-25 regulates Wwp2 and Fbxw7 and promotes reprogramming of mouse fibroblast cells to iPSCs. 

      Lu, Dong; Davis, Matthew PA; Abreu-Goodger, Cei; Wang, Wei; Campos, Lia S; Siede, Julia; Vigorito, Elena et al. (2012-01)
    • Systematic analysis of off-target effects in an RNAi screen reveals microRNAs affecting sensitivity to TRAIL-induced apoptosis. 

      Sudbery, Ian; Enright, Anton James; Fraser, Andrew G; Dunham, Ian (2010-03-15)