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    • Genomic islands of speciation separate cichlid ecomorphs in an East African crater lake 

      Malinsky, Milan; Challis, Richard J.; Tyers, Alexandra M.; Schiffels, Stephan; Terau, Yohey; Ngatunga, Benjamin P.; Miska, Eric A. et al. (2015-06-18)
      The genomic causes and effects of divergent ecological selection during speciation are still poorly understood. Here, we report the discovery and detailed characterization of early-stage adaptive divergence of two cichlid ...
    • Health and population effects of rare gene knockouts in adult humans with related parents 

      Narasimhan, Vagheesh M.; Hunt, Karen A.; Mason, Dan; Baker, Christopher L.; Karczewski, Konrad J.; Barnes, Michael R.; Barnett, Anthony H. et al. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2016-03-03)
      Examining complete gene knockouts within a viable organism can inform on gene function. We sequenced the exomes of 3222 British Pakistani-heritage adults with high parental relatedness, discovering 1111 rare-variant ...
    • The Sequence Ontology: a tool for the unification of genome annotations 

      Eilbeck, Karen; Lewis, Suzanna E.; Mungall, Christopher J.; Yandell, Mark D.; Stein, Lincoln; Durbin, Richard; Ashburner, Michael (2005-04-29)
      Abstract The Sequence Ontology (SO) is a structured controlled vocabulary for the parts of a genomic annotation. SO provides a common set of terms and definitions that will facilitate the exchange, analysis and management ...