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    • Marketing and clinical trials: a case study 

      Francis, David; Roberts, Ian; Elbourne, Diana; Shakur, Haleema K.; Knight, Rosemary C.; Garcia, Jo; Snowdon, Claire et al. (2007-11-20)
      Abstract Background Publicly funded clinical trials require a substantial commitment of time and money. To ensure that sufficient numbers of patients are recruited it is essential that they address important questions in ...
    • The BRACELET study: surveys of mortality in UK neonatal and paediatric intensive care trials 

      Snowdon, Claire; Harvey, Sheila E.; Brocklehurst, Peter; Tasker, Robert C.; Ward Platt, Martin P.; Allen, Elizabeth; Elbourne, Diana (2010-05-26)
      Abstract Background The subject of death and bereavement in the context of randomised controlled trials in neonatal or paediatric intensive care is under-researched. The objectives of this phase of the Bereavement and ...
    • What influences recruitment to randomised controlled trials? A review of trials funded by two UK funding agencies 

      McDonald, Alison M.; Knight, Rosemary C.; Campbell, Marion K.; Entwistle, Vikki A.; Grant, Adrian M.; Cook, Jonathan A.; Elbourne, Diana et al. (2006-04-07)
      Abstract Background A commonly reported problem with the conduct of multicentre randomised controlled trials (RCTs) is that recruitment is often slower or more difficult than expected, with many trials failing to reach ...