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    • Role of co-repressor genomic landscapes in shaping the Notch response. 

      Chan, Stephen KK; Cerda-Moya, Gustavo; Stojnic, Robert; Millen, Kat; Fischer, Bettina; Fexova, Silvie; Skalska, Lenka et al. (2017-11-20)
    • SimArray: a user-friendly and user-configurable microarray design tool 

      Auburn, Richard P; Russell, Roslin; Fischer, Bettina; Meadows, Lisa A; Sevillano, Matilla Santiago; Russell, Steven (2006-03-01)
      Abstract Background Microarrays were first developed to assess gene expression but are now also used to map protein-binding sites and to assess allelic variation between individuals. Regardless of the intended application, ...