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    • Herpes simplex 1 encephalitis presenting as a brain haemorrhage with normal cerebrospinal fluid analysis: a case report 

      Gkrania-Klotsas, Effrossyni; Lever, Andrew Michael (2008-12-17)
      Abstract Introduction Herpes simplex encephalitis is a potentially lethal infection that should be recognised as soon as possible. The combination of clinical history and examination, brain computed tomography or magnetic ...
    • Report from the Second Cytomegalovirus and Immunosenescence Workshop 

      Wills, Mark Ralph; Akbar, Arne; Beswick, Mark; Bosch, Jos A; Caruso, Calogero; Colonna-Romano, Giuseppina; Dutta, Ambarish et al. (2011-10-28)
      Abstract The Second International Workshop on CMV & Immunosenescence was held in Cambridge, UK, 2-4th December, 2010. The presentations covered four separate sessions: cytomegalovirus and T cell phenotypes; T cell memory ...
    • Travel and migration associated infectious diseases morbidity in Europe, 2008 

      Field, Vanessa; Gautret, Philippe; Schlagenhauf, Patricia; Burchard, Gerd-Dieter; Caumes, Eric; Jensenius, Mogens; Castelli, Francesco et al. (2010-11-17)
      Abstract Background Europeans represent the majority of international travellers and clinicians encountering returned patients have an essential role in recognizing, and communicating travel-associated public health risks. ...