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    • Adolescent Major Depressive Disorder: Neuroimaging Evidence of Sex Difference during an Affective Go/No-Go Task 

      Chuang, Jie-Yu; Hagan, Cindy C; Murray, Graham K; Graham, Julia ME; Ooi, Cinly; Tait, Roger; Holt, Rosemary J et al. (Frontiers Media, 2017-07-11)
      Compared to female major depressive disorder, male major depressive disorder often receives less attention. However, research is warranted since there are significant sex differences in the clinical presentation of major ...
    • Friendships and Family Support Reduce Subsequent Depressive Symptoms in At-Risk Adolescents 

      van Harmelen, Anne-Laura; Gibson, Jenny L.; St Clair, Michelle; Owens, Matt; Brodbeck, Jeannette; Dunn, Valerie; Lewis, Gemma et al. (PLOS, 2016-05-04)
      Background Early life stress (ELS) consists of child family adversities (CFA: negative experiences that happened within the family environment) and/or peer bullying. ELS plays an important role in the development of ...