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    • Genome-wide dynamics of a bacterial response to antibiotics that target the cell envelope 

      Hesketh, Andrew; Hill, Chris; Mokhtar, Jehan; Novotna, Gabriela; Tran, Ngat; Bibb, Mervyn; Hong, Hee-Jeon (2011-05-11)
      AbstractBackgroundA decline in the discovery of new antibacterial drugs, coupled with a persistent rise in the occurrence of drug-resistant bacteria, has highlighted antibiotics as a diminishing resource. The future ...
    • High-resolution mass spectrometry based proteomic analysis of the response to vancomycin-induced cell wall stress in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) 

      Hesketh, Andrew; Deery, Michael; Hong, Hee-Jon (ACS Publications, 2015-05-12)
      Understanding how bacteria survive periods of cell wall stress is of fundamental interest and can help generate ideas for improved antibacterial treatments. In this study we use tandem mass tagging to characterize the ...
    • PEDRo: A database for storing, searching and disseminating experimental proteomics data 

      Garwood, Kevin; McLaughlin, Thomas; Garwood, Chris; Joens, Scott; Morrison, Norman; Taylor, Christopher F.; Carroll, Kathleen et al. (2004-09-17)
      Abstract Background Proteomics is rapidly evolving into a high-throughput technology, in which substantial and systematic studies are conducted on samples from a wide range of physiological, developmental, or pathological ...