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    • PEDRo: A database for storing, searching and disseminating experimental proteomics data 

      Garwood, Kevin; McLaughlin, Thomas; Garwood, Chris; Joens, Scott; Morrison, Norman; Taylor, Christopher F.; Carroll, Kathleen et al. (2004-09-17)
      Abstract Background Proteomics is rapidly evolving into a high-throughput technology, in which substantial and systematic studies are conducted on samples from a wide range of physiological, developmental, or pathological ...
    • Research Data Supporting "ATP-dependent substrate transport by the ABC transporter MsbA is proton-coupled" 

      Singh, Himansha; Velamakanni, Saroj; Deery, Michael J.; Howard, Julie; Wei, Shen L.; van Veen, Hendrik W. (University of Cambridge, 2016)