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    • High-throughput automated scoring of Ki67 in breast cancer tissue microarrays from the Breast Cancer Association Consortium 

      Abubakar, Mustapha; Howat, William J; Daley, Frances; Zabaglo, Lila; McDuffus, Leigh-Anne; Blows, Fiona; Coulson, Penny et al. (Wiley, 2016-04-06)
      Automated methods are needed to facilitate high-throughput and reproducible scoring of Ki67 and other markers in breast cancer tissue microarrays (TMAs) in large-scale studies. To address this need, we developed an automated ...
    • Measurements of carbonic anhydrase activity in vivo using hyperpolarized 13C-magnetic resonance spectroscopy demonstrate its importance in pH regulation 

      Gallagher, Ferdia Aidan; Sladen, Helen; Kettunen, Mikko I; Serrao, Eva Carolina; Rodrigues, Tiago B; Wright, Alan; Gill, Andrew Brian et al. (American Association for Cancer Research, 2015-10-01)
      Carbonic anhydrase (CA) buffers tissue pH by catalyzing the rapid interconversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) and bicarbonate (HCO3-). We assessed the functional activity of CAIX in two colorectal tumor models, expressing ...
    • A metadata-aware application for remote scoring and exchange of tissue microarray images 

      Morris, Lorna; Tsui, Andrew; Crichton, Charles; Harris, Steve; Maccallum, Peter H; Howat, William J; Davies, Jim et al. (2013-05-01)
      Abstract Background The use of tissue microarrays (TMA) and advances in digital scanning microscopy has enabled the collection of thousands of tissue images. There is a need for software tools to annotate, query and share ...
    • MRI with hyperpolarised [1-¹³C]pyruvate detects advanced pancreatic preneoplasia prior to invasive disease in a mouse model 

      Serrao, Eva Carolina; Kettunen, Mikko I; Rodrigues, Tiago B; Dzien, Piotr; Wright, Alan J; Gopinathan, Aarthi; Gallagher, Ferdia Aidan et al. (BMJ Group, 2015-09-07)
      Objectives: Pancreatic cancer (PCa) is treatable by surgery when detected at an early stage. Non-invasive imaging methods able to detect both established tumors and their precursor lesions are needed to select patients ...
    • Rapid Imaging of Tumor Cell Death In Vivo Using the C2A Domain of Synaptotagmin-I. 

      Neves, Andre Tiago-Marques; Xie, Bangwen; Fawcett, Sarah; Alam, Israt S; Witney, Timothy H; de, Backer Maaike M; Summers, Julia et al. (Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 2017-06)
      Cell death is an important target for imaging the early response of tumors to treatment. We describe here validation of a phosphatidylserine-binding agent for detecting tumor cell death in vivo based on the C2A domain of ...
    • Research data supporting "Crowdsourcing the General Public for Large Scale Molecular Pathology Studies in Cancer" 

      Candido do Reis, Francisco J.; Lynn, Stuart; Ali, H. Raza; Eccles, Diana; Hanby, Andrew; Provenzano, Elena; Caldas, Carlos et al. (2015-05-08)