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    • Divine Innovation: Religion and Service Provision by Religious Organizations in India 

      Iyer, Sriya; Velu, Chander; Xue, Jun; Chakravarty, Tirthankar (Faculty of Economics, 2011-03-31)
      This paper examines innovations to religious and non-religious service provision by religious organizations in India. We present a stylized Hotelling-style model in which two religious organizations position themselves at ...
    • Dominance and Innovation 

      Velu, Chander; Iyer, Sriya (Faculty of Economics, 2010-01)
    • The Economics of Consanguinity 

      Do, Quy-Toan; Iyer, Sriya; Joshi, Shareen (Faculty of Economics, 2006-09)
      The institution of consanguineous marriage - a marriage contracted between close biological relatives - has been a basic building block of many societies in different parts of the world. This paper argues that the practice ...
    • Missing Women in the United Kingdom 

      Iyer, Sriya; Adamou, Adamos; Drakos, Christina (Faculty of Economics, 2013-02-01)
      This paper investigates the gender-selection decisions of immigrants in the United Kingdom, using data from the 1971-2006 General Household Survey. We examine sex-selective abortion in the UK among immigrant families and ...
    • Missing women in the United Kingdom 

      Adamou, Adamos; Drakos, Christina; Iyer, Sriya (2013-06-25)
      Abstract This paper investigates the gender-selection decisions of immigrants in the United Kingdom, using data from the 1971–2006 General Household Survey. We examine sex-selection in the UK among immigrant families ...
    • Multiple Social Interaction and Reproductive Externalities: An Investigation of Fertility Behaviour in Kenya 

      Iyer, Sriya; Weeks, Melvyn (Faculty of Economics, 2006-03-14)
      This paper examines the impact of reproductive externalities on fertility behaviour in Kenya by quantifying the effects of group membership on the number of children born. We focus on the identification of structural forms ...
    • The New Economics of Religion 

      Iyer, Sriya (American Economic Association, 2016-06-01)
      The economics of religion is a relatively new field of research in economics. This survey serves two purposes – it is backward-looking in that it traces the historical and sociological origins of this field, and it is ...
    • The Rationality of Irrationality for Managers: Returns- Based Beliefs and the Traveller's Dilemma 

      Velu, Chander; Iyer, Sriya (Faculty of Economics, 2008-06)
    • A Reason for Unreason: Returns-Based Beliefs in Game Theory 

      Velu, Chander; Iyer, Sriya; Gair, Jonathan R. (Faculty of Economics, 2010-09)
      Players cooperate in experiments more than game theory would predict. We introduce the ‘returns-based beliefs’ approach: the expected returns of a particular strategy in proportion to total expected returns of all strategies. ...
    • Religion and Depression in Adolescence 

      Fruehwirth, Jane; Iyer, Sriya; Zhang, Anwen
      Depression is the leading cause of illness and disability in adolescence. Many studies show a correlation between religiosity and mental health, yet the question remains whether the relationship is causal. We exploit ...
    • Religion and Fertility in India: The role of son preference and daughter aversion 

      Borooah, Vani; Iyer, Sriya (Faculty of Economics, 2004-07-08)
      This paper brings together the notion of ‘son preference’ and the complementary concept of ‘daughter aversion’ to provide an explanation for larger Muslim, relative to Hindu, families in India. Just as sons bring ‘benefits’ ...
    • Religion and the economics of fertility in south India 

      Iyer, Sriya (2000-03-14)
      This thesis provides an account of the interplay between the economic, demographic and religious factors which influence women's age at first marriage, their adoption of contraception and their fertility, in a group of ...
    • Religious riots and electoral politics in India 

      Iyer, Sriya; Shrivastava, Anand (Elsevier, 2018-03)
      We study the effect of Hindu-Muslim riots on election results in India. We combine data on geo-coded riots with data on state elections and on demographics and public goods provision to construct a unique panel data set ...
    • Returns-Based Beliefs and The Prisoner's Dilemma 

      Velu, Chander; Iyer, Sriya (Faculty of Economics, 2008-11)
    • Social Interactions, Ethnicity and Fertility in Kenya 

      Iyer, Sriya; Weeks, Melvyn (Faculty of Economics, 2009-01)