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    • The Cambridge Experimental Videodisc Project 

      Bryant, Michael; Harrison, Sarah; Herle, Anita; Jacobs, Julian; Macfarlane, Alan; Porter, Martin (University of Cambridge: Dept. of Social Anthropology, 1990)
    • Interview with Andre Beteille 

      Beteille, Andre; Macfarlane, Alan; Jacobs, Julian (2004-08-23)
      Andre Beteille speaks of his childhood and natural inclination to anthropology, his training, fieldwork in Dehli and the influence of his supervisor, M.N. Srinivas. His work on equality and inequality in human societies ...
    • Interview with Robert Paine 

      Paine, Robert; Vitebsky, Piers; Jacobs, Julian (2004-08-23)
      Robert Paine reviews his life as an anthropologist - his training and fieldwork with the Saami nomands of Norway in the 1950's; the inception of the Anthropology Department at Bergen and his later move to St John's ...