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    • Alloy Design for a Fusion Power Plant 

      Kemp, Richard (2006-05)
      Fusion power is generated when hot deuterium and tritium nuclei react, producing alpha particles and 14 MeV neutrons. These neutrons escape the reaction plasma and are absorbed by the surrounding material structure of the ...
    • Characterization of a heat resistant beta-glucosidase as a new reporter in cells and mice 

      McCutcheon, Susan C.; Jones, Ken; Cumming, Sarah A.; Kemp, Richard; Ireland-Zecchini, Heather; Saunders, John C.; Houghton, Carol A. et al. (2010-06-22)
      Abstract Background Reporter genes are widely used in biology and only a limited number are available. We present a new reporter gene for the localization of mammalian cells and transgenic tissues based on detection of the ...