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    • Further developments towards a genome-scale metabolic model of yeast 

      Dobson, Paul D; Smallbone, Kieran; Jameson, Daniel; Simeonidis, Evangelos; Lanthaler, Karin; Pir, Pinar; Lu, Chuan et al. (2010-10-28)
    • Plasmodium dihydrofolate reductase is a second enzyme target for the antimalarial action of triclosan. 

      Oliver, Stephen George; Bilsland, Elizabeth; Van Vliet, Liisa; Williams, Kevin; Feltham, Jack; Carrasco, Marta; Fotoran, Wesley et al.
      Malaria, caused by parasites of the genus Plasmodium, leads to over half a milliondeaths per year, 90% of which caused by Plasmodium falciparum. P. vivax usually causes milder forms of malaria, however, P. vivax can remain ...