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    • Poverty and Productivity in Female-Headed Households in Zimbabwe 

      Horrell, Sara; Krishnan, Pramila (Faculty of Economics, 2006-07)
      A household survey conducted in rural Zimbabwe in 2001 is used to compare the position of de facto and de jure female-headed households to those with a male head. These households are characterised by different forms of ...
    • Teacher Shocks and Student Learning: Evidence from Zambia 

      Das, Jishnu; Dercon, Stefan; Habyarimana, James; Krishnan, Pramila (Faculty of Economics, 2006-03-14)
      Following a tradition that relates household-level shocks to educational attainment, we examine the impact of teacher-level shocks on student learning. As a plausible measure for these shocks, we use teacher absenteeism ...