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    • Metal-Organic Nanosheets Formed via Defect-Mediated Transformation of a Hafnium Metal-Organic Framework 

      Cliffe, MJ; Castillo-Martínez, E; Wu, Y; Lee, J; Forse, AC; Firth, FCN; Moghadam, PZ et al. (American Chemical Society, 2017-04-19)
      We report a hafnium-containing MOF, hcp UiO-67(Hf), which is a ligand-deficient layered analogue of the face-centered cubic fcu UiO-67(Hf). hcp UiO-67 accommodates its lower ligand:metal ratio compared to fcu UiO-67 through ...
    • Organization of subunits in the membrane domain of the bovine F-ATPase revealed by covalent cross-linking 

      Lee, J; Ding, SJ; Walpole, TB; Holding, AN; Montgomery, MG; Fearnley, IM; Walker, JE (2015-05-22)
    • Prediction of Breast and Prostate Cancer Risks in Male BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers Using Polygenic Risk Scores 

      Lecarpentier, J; Silvestri, V; Kuchenbaecker, KB; Barrowdale, D; Dennis, J; McGuffog, L; Soucy, P et al. (American Society of Clinical Oncology, 2017-04-27)
      $\textbf{Purpose}$ $\textit{BRCA1/2}$ mutations increase the risk of breast and prostate cancer in men. Common genetic variants modify cancer risks for female carriers of $\textit{BRCA1/2}$ mutations. We investigated-for ...