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    • Merchant and Regulated Transmission: Theory, Evidence and Policy 

      Littlechild, Stephen (Faculty of Economics, 2011-10)
      Economists acknowledge the problems of regulated transmission but take different views about the likely efficiency of merchant transmission. This paper examines the evidence on alleged market failure and regulatory ...
    • The Process of Negotiating Settlements at FERC 

      Littlechild, Stephen (Faculty of Economics, 2011-01-31)
      Interstate gas pipelines and their customers presently settle about 90% of the rate cases set for hearing before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). In recent years, the median time for negotiating settlements ...
    • Regulation, customer protection and customer engagement 

      Littlechild, Stephen (Faculty of Economics, 2011-06)
      The UK utility regulation framework developed in the 1980s was intended to improve on the restrictive, inefficient and burdensome regulatory approach in the US. But the UK regulatory process has itself now become increasingly ...