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    • Self-reported parkinsonian symptoms in the EPIC-Norfolk cohort 

      Ishihara, Lianna S.; Khaw, Kay-Tee; Luben, Robert; Bingham, Sheila; Welch, Ailsa; Day, Nicholas E.; Brayne, Carol (2005-08-24)
      Abstract Background Parkinsonian symptoms have been associated with increased morbidity and mortality. Several studies have reported on the prevalence of signs and symptoms. Symptoms questionnaires can identify potential ...
    • Smoking and high-risk mammographic parenchymal patterns: a case-control study 

      Sala, Evis; Warren, Ruth M. L.; McCann, Jenny; Duffy, Stephen; Luben, Robert; Day, Nicholas E. (1999-11-16)
      Statement of findings Current smoking was strongly and inversely associated with high-risk patterns, after adjustment for concomitant risk factors. Relative to never smokers, current smokers were significantly less likely ...
    • Television Viewing, Walking Speed and Grip Strength in a Prospective Cohort Study 

      Keevil, Victoria L.; Wijndaele, Katrien; Luben, Robert; Sayer, Avan A.; Wareham, Nicholas J.; Khaw, Kay-Tee (2014-07-18)
      Purpose Television (TV) watching is the most prevalent sedentary leisure-time activity in the United Kingdom. We examined associations between TV viewing time, measured over 10 years, and two objective measures of ...