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    • Inside a bamboo factory 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-29)
      Work in a bamboo factory in Japan. The ubiquitous and central role of bamboo is explained and various stages in the working of bamboos are shown.
    • The Institute of Historical Anthropology, Sechuan University 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2005-02-20)
      A short message of congratulation and support at the opening of the Institute of Historical Anthropology at the University of Sechuan, China, in March 2005
    • Interview 

      Ahmed, Akbar; Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-11)
      Akbar Ahmed describes his family background, life as a colonial officer in Pakistan, and role as an analyst and spokeman for Islamic civilization.
    • Interview 

      Jacques, Martin; Macfarlane, Alan (2012-06)
      Martin Jacques interviewed by Alan Macfarlane 20th September 2011. Edited by Sarah Harrison. The interview lasts two hours. Generously supported by the Leverhulme Trust.
    • Interview of Mary Douglas 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2006-03-07)
      An interview of Mary Douglas the anthropologist in which she talks about her life and work in Africa and elsewhere.
    • Interview with Andre Beteille 

      Beteille, Andre; Macfarlane, Alan; Jacobs, Julian (2004-08-23)
      Andre Beteille speaks of his childhood and natural inclination to anthropology, his training, fieldwork in Dehli and the influence of his supervisor, M.N. Srinivas. His work on equality and inequality in human societies ...
    • Interview with Audrey Richards: On Fieldwork 

      Gienke, Martin; Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-23)
      Audrey Richards introduces the discussion (8 mins) Richards, Goody, Robertson on types of fieldwork (7 mins) Formal (statistical methods) – absence of (3 mins) The Malinowski training method and contemporaries at LSE (4 ...
    • Interview with Philip Mayer 

      Mayer, Philip; Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-11)
      Philip Mayer describes his training as an anthropologist, his work in Africa and contacts with various anthropologists, including Radcliffe-Brown.
    • Interview with Professor Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2003-12-17)
      Professor Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf was one of the grandfathers of Himalayan anthropology. Alan Macfarlane, one of his last PhD students at the School of Oriental and African Studies and now himself Professor of ...
    • Interview with Professor Lucy Mair 

      Macfarlane, Alan; La Fontaine, Jean; Harrison, Sarah (2003-12-17)
      Interviewed by Professor Jean La Fontaine and Dr. Alan Macfarlane, 30 July 1983 in her home in London, and filmed by Sarah Harrison. [Originally filmed on Low-Band U-matic, transferred to Hi-8, and then to mini-DV tape, ...
    • Interviews of Dilmaya Gurung of Nepal, by Alan Macfarlane 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2015-03-05)
      A transcript of a set of interviews done in central Nepal by Alan Macfarlane in 1992. The subject, Dilmaya Gurung, died in 1995. Films of the interviews, and over 50 other films of Dilmaya at work can be seen on the Cambridge ...
    • An Introduction to Social Anthropology - 1988 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2008-10-18)
      Alan Macfarlane made four filmed lectures made in a week in September 1988 to introduce Social Anthropology. Types of Society, Themes and Topics, Origins and History, Methods and Questions.They were to introduce first year ...
    • Introductory Lectures on Kinship and Marriage 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2006-01-27)
      A series of lectures delivered for some ten years to first year students of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge by Alan Macfarlane. The lectures were shortened from the original.
    • Iris Macfarlane in India, 1939-1947 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2015-06-16)
      An account of the years 1939-1947 in Assam and north India, based on diaries, letters, photographs related to the life of Iris Macfarlane and her family.
    • The Iron Horse - the first programme of 'The Day the World Took Off' 

      Dugan, David; Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-23)
      This traces the journey of the 'Rocket' steam engine from Liverpool to Manchester. On the way it gives clues to some of the puzzles and theories to be explored in this six-part history of the world. Why did science ...
    • Japanese toilets 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2006-03-07)
      Filming in a Japanese toilet
    • The Kojunsha Club and Speech Hall in Toyko 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-05)
      Fukuzawa Yukichi (1830- 1901) is one of the founding fothers of modern Japan. He founded a club in Tokyo (Kojunsha) and we tour this with the chairman of the club, Mr. Reijiro Hattori. Then we see part of a lecture in ...
    • Lacquer work 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-30)
      A short sequence of part of the final decoration of a lacquer object. The technique of applying gold dust to the black surface is extremely delicate, but suddenly Mount Fuji appears before our eyes.
    • Launch of 'Letters to Lily' in Slovenia, November 2007 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2007-11-23)
      Films of talks and interviews connected to the Slovenian translation of 'Letters to Lily' by Alan Macfarlane during a visit between 14th and 16th November 2007. Published by Studenstska zalozba in Ljubljana.
    • Learning about the World 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-29)
      Against the backdrop of a Gurung village in which he has worked for many years, Alan Macfarlane describes why he came to work as an anthropologist in the Himalayas and some of the things which he has learnt.