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    • Filming the crew at a meal in Japan 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-30)
      At the end of the filming in Japan, the team of film-makers and others have a celebration meal in a Japanese restaurant.
    • Filming the Kojunsha club and Keio speech hall 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-30)
      Part of the filming in the Kojunsha club and the speech hall at Keio University in Toyko.
    • Films of Japan from 1997 onwards, part two 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2007-05-30)
      Films by Alan Macfarlane and Sarah Harrison
    • Films of the Gurungs 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2006-03-07)
      Films of the Gurungs of Nepal
    • Films of the Gurungs of Nepal 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2006-02-27)
      Films taken by Alan Macfarlane and Sarah Harrison in Nepal between 1968 and 2001, especially in the area to the north of Pokhara among the Gurung peoples (Tamu-mai)
    • Films of various tours to Japan from 1997 onwards 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2007-05-25)
      Films taken by Alan Macfarlane and Sarah Harrison
    • Films on the Gurungs of Nepal 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2006-03-01)
      Films taken by Alan Macfarlane and Sarah Harrison between 1969 and 2001 in Nepal. Mainly of the Gurungs (tamu-mai) living in Pokhara and in villages north of that town.
    • Fires in Japan 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-22)
      Until recently Japanese cities were constantly afflicted with fires. Alan Mafarlane explains some of the causes and consequences of these fires against the background of an old preserved building in Osaka.
    • First letter from Thak - 24 December 1968 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2014-03-24)
    • Forty Years 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2010)
    • Four introductory talks on 'Economic Anthropology' 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2005-01-13)
      Four introductory talks describing the production, distribution, exchange and consumption of wealth as analysed by social anthropologists. About first year undergraduate level.
    • Four lectures on legal anthropology - 2008 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2008-03-12)
      Four lectures on aspects of legal anthropology. The first on law and justice in Japan; the second on moral panics and terrorism; the third on foundations and history of legal anthropology (part one); the fourth on the same ...
    • The future of humans 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-29)
      Alan Macfarlane discusses the long history of human civilization and some of the major events that have taken place. He then reflects on what may happen over the next ten thousand years. Set against the Annapurna mountains ...
    • Geertz Frazer Lecture in Cambridge 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-05-18)
      One hour lecture given by Clifford Geertz on 6 May - "Shifting aims, moving targets: on the anthropology of religion".
    • Geishas in Gion area of Kyoto 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-30)
      Scenes in the most famous centre for the geisha entertainers of Japan - the old Gion district of Kyoto. The preparations of the faces and costumes of the entertainers are shown in another film.
    • Gerry Martin and Mark Elvin in conversation 

      Macfarlane, Alan; Martin, Gerry; Elvin, Mark; Dugan, David (2004-07-29)
      As part of the theoretical background to a possible television series, Gerry Martin, Mark Elvin and David Dugan discuss the nature and development of scientific knowledge in the west and east.
    • Glass making in a Benedictine workshop 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-06)
      In a stained glass workshop at Pluscarden in Scotland, Brother Cyprian, Father Giles and Alan Macfarlane discuss the role of glass in Christianity and the methods of glass making.
    • The great industrial boatyard of Venice 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-05)
      The arsenal or boat building centre of Venice in the middle ages was one of the greatest industrial centres in the world. Through a mechanical division of work and high precision it turned out ships very rapidly and inspired ...
    • Grinding millet 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-29)
      Grinding millet in a stone quern and separating off the husks with the human foot. Filmed in a mountain village in Nepal.
    • Guest lectures by Alan Macfarlane in 2008-9 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2009-06-30)
      Various lectures in 2008-9 to invited audiences, mainly in Cambridge.