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    • A genome annotation-driven approach to cloning the human ORFeome 

      Collins, John E; Wright, Charmain L; Edwards, Carol Ann; Davis, Mathew P; Grinham, James A; Cole, Charlotte G; Goward, Melanie E et al. (2004-09-30)
      Abstract We have developed a systematic approach to generating cDNA clones containing full-length open reading frames (ORFs), exploiting knowledge of gene structure from genomic sequence. Each ORF was amplified by PCR from ...
    • Regulation of expression of two Ly-6 family genes by intron retention and transcription induced chimerism. 

      Calvanese, Vincenzo; Mallya, Meera; Campbell, R. Duncan; Aguado, Begona (2008-09-25)
      Abstract Background Regulation of the expression of particular genes can rely on mechanisms that are different from classical transcriptional and translational control. The LY6G5B and LY6G6D genes encode LY-6 domain proteins, ...