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    • Familial relative risks for breast cancer by pathological subtype: a population-based cohort study 

      Mavaddat, Nasim; Pharoah, Paul D. P.; Blows, Fiona; Driver, Kristy E.; Provenzano, Elena; Thompson, Deborah J.; MacInnis, Robert J. et al. (2010-02-10)
      Abstract Introduction The risk of breast cancer to first degree relatives of breast cancer patients is approximately twice that of the general population. Breast cancer, however, is a heterogeneous disease and it is plausible ...
    • Incorporating tumour pathology information into breast cancer risk prediction algorithms 

      Mavaddat, Nasim; Rebbeck, Timothy R.; Lakhani, Sunil R.; Easton, Douglas F.; Antoniou, Antonis C. (2010-05-18)
      Abstract Introduction Mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 confer high risks of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. The risk prediction algorithm BOADICEA (Breast and Ovarian Analysis of Disease Incidence and Carrier Estimation ...