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    • Application of phage display to high throughput antibody generation and characterisation 

      Schofield, Darren J; Pope, Anthony R; Clementel, Veronica; Buckell, Jenny; Chapple, Susan DJ; Clarke, Kay F; Conquer, Jennie S et al. (2007-11-29)
      Abstract We have created a high quality phage display library containing over 1010 human antibodies and describe its use in the generation of antibodies on an unprecedented scale. We have selected, screened and sequenced ...
    • Development of a specific affinity-matured exosite inhibitor to MT1-MMP that efficiently inhibits tumor cell invasion in vitro and metastasis in vivo 

      Botkjaer, Kenneth A.; Kwok, Hang Fai; Terp, Mikkel G.; Karatt-Vellatt, Aneesh; Santamaria, Salvatore; McCafferty, John; Andreasen, Peter A. et al. (Impact Journals, 2016-02-27)
      The membrane-associated matrix metalloproteinase-14, MT1-MMP, has been implicated in pericellular proteolysis with an important role in cellular invasion of collagenous tissues. It is substantially upregulated in various ...