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    • Distributed virtual environment scalability and security 

      Miller, John (2011-11-08)
      Distributed virtual environments (DVEs) have been an active area of research and engineering for more than 20 years. The most widely deployed DVEs are network games such as Quake, Halo, and World of Warcraft (WoW), with ...
    • Kir4.1-Dependent Astrocyte-Fast Motor Neuron Interactions Are Required for Peak Strength 

      Kelley, Kevin W; Ben Haim, Lucile; Schirmer, Lucas; Tyzack, Giulia; Tolman, Michaela; Miller, John; Tsai, Hui-Hsin et al.
      Diversified neurons are essential for sensorimotor function, but whether astrocytes become specialized to optimize circuit performance remains unclear. Large fast a-motor neurons (FaMNs) of spinal cord innervate fast-twitch ...