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    • Choline kinase alpha as an Androgen Receptor Chaperone and Prostate Cancer Therapeutic Target 

      Asim, Mohammad; Massie, Charles Edward; Orafidiya, Folake; Pértega-Gomes, Nelma; Warren, Anne Y; Esmaeili, Mohsen; Selth, Luke A et al. (2015)
    • Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition) 

      Klionsky, Daniel J; Abdelmohsen, Kotb; Abe, Akihisa; Abedin, Md Joynal; Abeliovich, Hagai; Arozena, Abraham Acevedo; Adachi, Hiroaki et al. (2016-01-21)
    • The Importance of DNA methylation in Prostate Cancer development 

      Massie, Charles Edward; Mills, Ian G; Lynch, Andrew Graeme (2016-04-24)
    • A new look towards BAC-based array CGH through a comprehensive comparison with oligo-based array CGH 

      Wicker, Nicolas; Carles, Annaick; Mills, Ian G; Wolf, Maija; Veerakumarasivam, Abhi; Edgren, Henrik; Boileau, Fabrice et al. (2007-03-29)
    • Nuclear ARRB1 induces pseudohypoxia and cellular metabolism reprogramming in prostate cancer. 

      Zecchini, Vincent; Madhu, Madhu; Russell, Roslin; Pértega-Gomes, Nelma; Warren, Anne; Gaude, Edoardo; Borlido, Joana et al. (2014-06)
    • Pro-neural transcription factors as cancer markers 

      Vias, Maria; Massie, Charles Edward; East, Philip; Scott, Helen; Warren, Anne; Zhou, Zongxiang; Nikitin, Alexander Yu et al. (2008-05-19)
    • Synthetic lethality between androgen receptor signalling and the PARP pathway in prostate cancer. 

      Asim, Mohammad; Tarish, Firas; Zecchini, Heather I; Sanjiv, Kumar; Gelali, Eleni; Massie, Charles Edward; Baridi, Ajoeb et al. (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-08-29)
      Emerging data demonstrate homologous recombination (HR) defects in castration resistant prostate cancers, rendering these tumours sensitive to PARP inhibition. Here, we demonstrate a direct requirement for the androgen ...