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    • Long-Run Effects in Large Heterogeneous Panel Data Models with Cross-Sectionally Correlated Errors 

      Chudik, Alexander; Mohaddes, Kamiar; Pesaran, M. Hashem; Raissi, Mehdi (Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., 2016)
      This paper develops a cross-sectionally augmented distributed lag (CS-DL) approach to the estimation of long-run effects in large dynamic heterogeneous panel data models with cross-sectionally dependent errors. The asymptotic ...
    • Oil Prices, External Income, and Growth: Lessons from Jordan 

      Mohaddes, Kamiar; Raissi, Mehdi (Faculty of Economics, 2011-12-08)
      This paper extends the long-run growth model of Esfahani et al. (2009) to a labour exporting country that receives large inflows of external income - the sum of remittances, FDI and general government transfers - from major ...
    • One Hundred Years of Oil Income and the Iranian Economy: A Curse or a Blessing 

      Mohaddes, Kamiar; Pesaran, M. Hashem (Faculty of Economics, 2012-01-17)
      This paper examines the impact of oil revenues on the Iranian economy over the past hundred years, spanning the period 1908-2010. It is shown that although oil has been produced in Iran over a very long period, its importance ...