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    • Evidence of Early-Stage Selection on EPAS1 and GPR126 Genes in Andean High Altitude Populations. 

      Eichstaedt, Christina A; Pagani, Luca; Antao, Tiago; Inchley, Charlotte E; Cardona, Alexia; Mörseburg, Alexander; Clemente, Florian J et al. (2017-10-12)
    • Genomic analyses inform on migration events during the peopling of Eurasia. 

      Pagani, Luca; Lawson, Daniel John; Jagoda, Evelyn; Mörseburg, Alexander; Eriksson, Jon Anders; Mitt, Mario; Clemente, Florian et al. (2016-10)
    • A new deep branch of eurasian mtDNA macrohaplogroup M reveals additional complexity regarding the settlement of Madagascar 

      Ricaut, Francois-X; Razafindrazaka, Harilanto; Cox, Murray P; Dugoujon, Jean-M; Guitard, Evelyne; Sambo, Clement; Mormina, Maru et al. (2009-12-14)
      Abstract Background Current models propose that mitochondrial DNA macrohaplogroups M and N evolved from haplogroup L3 soon after modern humans left Africa. Increasingly, however, analysis of isolated populations is filling ...