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    • Occupational structure in the Czech lands under the second serfdom 

      Klein, Alexander; Ogilvie, Sheilagh (Wiley, 2015-06-29)
      This article presents an analysis of occupational structure, a key component of the ‘Little Divergence’, in an eastern-central European economy under the second serfdom, using data on 6,983 Bohemian villages in 1654. ...
    • Social Capital and Collusion: The Case of Merchant Guilds 

      Dessi, Roberta; Ogilvie, Sheilagh (Faculty of Economics, 2004-06-16)
      Merchant guilds have been portrayed as �social networks� that generated beneficial �social capital� by sustaining shared norms, effectively transmitting information, and successfully undertaking collective action. This ...
    • Turning Qualitative into Quantitative Evidence: A Well-Used Method Made Explicit 

      Carus, A. W.; Ogilvie, Sheilagh (Faculty of Economics, 2006-03-14)
      Many historians now reject quantitative methods as inappropriate to understanding past societies. It is argued here, however, that no sharp distinction between qualitative and quantitative concepts can be drawn, as almost ...