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    • Growth and optical characterization of multilayers of InGaN quantum dots 

      Zhu, Tongtong; El-Ella, Haitham; Reid, Benjamin; Holmes, Mark; Taylor, Robert; Kappers, Menno; Oliver, Rachel (Journal of Crystal Growth, 2012-01-01)
      We report on the growth (using metal-organic vapour phase epitaxy) and optical characterization of single and multiple layers of InGaN quantum dots (QDs), which were formed by annealing InGaN epilayers at the growth ...
    • Structure and composition of nonpolar (11-20) InGaN nano-rings grown by Modified Droplet Epitaxy 

      Springbett, Helen; Griffiths, James; Ren, Christopher; O’Hanlon, Tom; Barnard, Jonathan; Sahonta, Suman-Lata; Zhu, Tongtong et al. (Wiley, 2015-12-12)
      Droplets grown by modified droplet epitaxy on non-polar (11-20) surfaces of InGaN epilayers on GaN have been seen to be associated with underlying ring-like structures. This work discusses droplet etching as a possible ...