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    • Haploinsufficiency and the sex chromosomes from yeasts to humans 

      de Clare, Michaela; Pir, Pinar; Oliver, Stephen G (2011-02-28)
      Abstract Background Haploinsufficient (HI) genes are those for which a reduction in copy number in a diploid from two to one results in significantly reduced fitness. Haploinsufficiency is increasingly implicated in human ...
    • How yeast re-programmes its transcriptional profile in response to different nutrient impulses 

      Dikicioglu, Duygu; Karabekmez, Erkan; Rash, Bharat; Pir, Pinar; Kirdar, Betul; Oliver, Stephen G (2011-09-25)
      Abstract Background A microorganism is able to adapt to changes in its physicochemical or nutritional environment and this is crucial for its survival. The yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, has developed mechanisms to respond ...
    • Information management for high content live cell imaging 

      Jameson, Daniel; Turner, David A; Ankers, John; Kennedy, Stephnie; Ryan, Sheila; Swainston, Neil; Griffiths, Tony et al. (2009-07-21)
      Abstract Background High content live cell imaging experiments are able to track the cellular localisation of labelled proteins in multiple live cells over a time course. Experiments using high content live cell imaging ...
    • Metabolic modelling to identify engineering targets for Komagataella phaffii: The effect of biomass composition on gene target identification. 

      Cankorur-Cetinkaya, Ayca; Dikicioglu, Duygu; Oliver, Stephen G (Wiley - V C H Verlag GmbbH & Co., 2017-07-10)
      Genome-scale metabolic models are valuable tools for the design of novel strains of industrial microorganisms, such as Komagataella phaffii (syn. Pichia pastoris). However, as is the case for many industrial microbes, there ...
    • Model organism databases: essential resources that need the support of both funders and users 

      Oliver, Stephen G; Lock, Antonia; Harris, Midori A; Nurse, Paul; Wood, Valerie (2016-06-22)
      Abstract Modern biomedical research depends critically on access to databases that house and disseminate genetic, genomic, molecular, and cell biological knowledge. Even as the explosion of available genome ...
    • The genetic control of growth rate: a systems biology study in yeast. 

      Pir, Pinar; Gutteridge, Alex; Wu, Jian; Rash, Bharat; Kell, Douglas B; Zhang, Nianshu; Oliver, Stephen G (2012-01-13)
      Abstract Background Control of growth rate is mediated by tight regulation mechanisms in all free-living organisms since long-term survival depends on adaptation to diverse environmental conditions. The yeast, Saccharomyces ...