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    • Pubertal development and prostate cancer risk: Mendelian randomization study in a population-based cohort 

      Bonilla, Carolina; Lewis, Sarah J.; Martin, Richard M.; Donovan, Jenny L.; Hamdy, Freddie C.; Neal, David E.; Eeles, Rosalind et al. (BioMed Central, 2016-04-04)
      Background: Epidemiological studies have observed a positive association between an earlier age at sexual development and prostate cancer, but markers of sexual maturation in boys are imprecise and observational estimates ...
    • Sequence similarity between stereocilin and otoancorin points to a unified mechanism for mechanotransduction in the mammalian inner ear 

      Jovine, Luca; Park, Jong; Wassarman, Paul M. (2002-11-25)
      Abstract Background Interaction between hair cells and acellular gels of the mammalian inner ear, the tectorial and otoconial membranes, is crucial for mechanoreception. Recently, otoancorin was suggested to be a mediator ...
    • Visualisation and graph-theoretic analysis of a large-scale protein structural interactome 

      Bolser, Dan M.; Dafas, Panos; Harrington, Richard; Park, Jong; Schroeder, Michael (2003-10-08)
      Abstract Background Large-scale protein interaction maps provide a new, global perspective with which to analyse protein function. PSIMAP, the Protein Structural Interactome Map, is a database of all the structurally ...